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Video from factory

Video from factory

Display of water flushing preformed by RjT- Service AS

Display of paint solution carried out by RjT- Service AS

Preformed By RjT- Service AS

Cleaning vertically down inside pipline, 2.5 cm 

solid frying fat, using Dry Ice.


RjT- Service AS is the Norwegian dealer of JettyRobot with associated equipment. As a dealer, we also carry exhaust fans, filter solutions, dry ice equipment, water and paint solutions used in conjunction with the robot. We also carry out all types of tasks with the equipment, on an hourly basis, or at a fixed price.

Feel free to contact us for a non-binding conversation.

This robot has several methods for cleaning, dry ice, compressed air, etc. with a standard range of 50 meters, pipeline diameters and ducts from 360-1300 mm as standard. It runs both bend and vertically.

It will be possible to order a smaller robot, which operates pipelines diameter and duckts between 200-420 mm, with range 30 meters as standard.

Video from factory testing ultra high pressure 2800 bar

We have further developed our robot, and are the only ones who can operate lengths up to 2000 meters, and diameter up to 2.8 meters.

We are also the only ones who carry paint and water solution when using the robot.

If you need cleaning of pipes or ducts, please contact us for information on sizes of ducts and pipes, lengths, or tasks that you wish to perform.

We also carry out manual assignments, such as dry ice blasting and (UHT) ultra high pressure wather flushing.

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