RJT-Service  A/S Fensfjordveien 1308

5986 Hosteland Org. 917 790 434 Mva Foretaksregisteret

Tlf. +47 926 45 297 / +47  48 011 909

This robot has several methods for cleaning, dry ice, compressed air, etc. with a standard range of 50 meters, pipe diameters and square ducts of 360-1300 mm as standard. It runs both bend and vertically.


On request You can order a smaller robot, which operates pipe diameters and squere ducts between 200-420 mm, with range 30 meters as standard.


Equipment for Dry Ice blasting, Wather jetting and Painting can be provided and delivered to operate with the robot, by

RjT-Service AS.


We have developed our robot, and are able to operate lengths at 2000 meters, and diameter at 2.8 meters.


We are the only who run paint and water when using the robot.


We also perform manual assignments, such as Dry Drying and (UHT) high pressure flushing.


We are the Norwegian Distributor of JettyRobot and additions.



Tel last video recorded by JettyRobot's own camera. A 2 cm sticky frying fat layer, looking like solid rubber, 15 years old, removed by using Dry Ice. The JettyRobot is shown here as it cleans a vertical duct.